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Comparison and Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment

Your Problem:

Being able to understand and analyse achievement and carry out meaningful self-evaluation is the bedrock of a school’s ability to demonstrate good progress.  To judge that a pupil’s progress is good, whilst avoiding making merely assertions, is most simply and quickly achieved when schools are able to compare progress against robust comparative data.

Internally, each school needs to ensure that it can demonstrate whether every pupil is making the best possible progress, can set challenging targets and track against them, and is abreast of the whole-school picture.

Historically, Special Schools and pupils with significant Special Educational Needs have never been well served by comparative data.  Government data tends to primarily meet the needs of mainstream pupils working at age-related expectations and Government data for ‘low attainers’ tends to be based on extremely small pupil numbers, which can lead to distortions.

caspa_software_rightOur Solution:

CASPA is a simple and easy-to-use tool to assist with the analysis and evaluation of attainment and progress of pupils with Special Educational Needs.

CASPA provides schools with a rich set of comparative data that enables year-on-year bench-marking of attainment and progress for both individual pupils and cohorts within the school, and presents analyses to meet the needs of all those who require access to such information.

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  • Key features of CASPA
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