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CASPA Evaluation Version Download Page

Please click on one of the buttons below to download the Evaluation Version of CASPA 2021; if your firewall prevents the downloading of executable files, please refer to the section Alternative download instructions below.

Please take a moment, if you haven’t already done so, to review the range of presentations and documents which can be found on the downloads page. These will provide useful background, context and detail to enhance your use of the evaluation software.

The Evaluation Version for CASPA 2021 includes a comprehensive context-sensitive Help system; simply press F1 at any point to access help relevant to the task at hand. The Help system for the Evaluation Version includes examples of the exemplification materials and portfolios of multi-media moderated work that are supplied with the full version of CASPA. Further guidance is available from the series of Guidance Notes available within CASPA via the menu option Help | Guidance notes.

Download Evaluation Version

Alternative download instructions

In order to avoid restrictions imposed by firewalls on the download of executable files, please follow the instructions below:

1. Right-click the button below and select either ‘Save target as’ or ‘Save link as’ to download and save the file Caspa2021EvalSetup.ex! to your computer.

2. Rename the downloaded file from Caspa2021EvalSetup.ex! to Caspa2021EvalSetup.exe; if you need assistance with this, please contact your ICT support team.

3. Double-click the file Caspa2021EvalSetup.exe to launch the InstallShield wizard and install the Evaluation Version of CASPA 2020.

Right click for alternative download