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Report example: Ranking

Reporting to improve the consistency of assessment

CASPA includes simple reporting to allow you to ensure the consistency of assessment within your school via the use of CASPA’s Ranking Report; ranking reports are available for each of the aspects for which results can be recorded in CASPA. Ranking reports group together pupils scoring at the same outcome level for the specified subject, regardless of their age, their categories of need or the classes in which they are taught – the one thing all these pupils have in common is that they have been assessed at the same outcome level, which should in turn imply similar levels of ability.

In the example below, there are four pupils listed under the heading “Result for ‘Reading’: P8.0”. All four are in different year groups and classes and have a range of different categories of need – the one factor they all have in common is that they have been assessed at a Level P8 for Reading, which would imply all four share the same ability in Reading.

A quick review of the report allows teachers to ask whether, from what they know about these pupils, they would expect them all to have been assessed at a Level P8, and whether they would expect each of these pupils to have been assessed at a higher level than each of the pupils assessed at a Level P7.2, and lower than each of the group of pupils assessed at a Level 1C.0; if any individual pupil’s assessment appears inconsistent with their peers, this may point to the need for additional moderation of their assessment.

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