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A year in the life of CASPA

Posted in Analysing Attainment & Progress, Managing Data

So, what does a year in the life of using CASPA look like?  Do you use CASPA once each year, twice, or at key times throughout the year?

As is often the case, there are subtle differences between schools that make a universal one-size-fits-all answer difficult to provide.  However, we can illustrate the most common activities you will be involved with during the year using a couple of slides that are designed to bring order to activities within CASPA, including data imports from external systems.

You can download a slide pack, called ‘Data lifecycle’  from our website’s downloads area.  The slides illustrate two scenarios: one for schools using a Single School CASPA licence, and one for LA/Group licence holders (school users and HQ users).

There are some key moments in a school, such as an inspection, which cannot be described at any specific point in time because they can happen at any time.  But if you are on top of your data, and haven’t left it untouched for a long period, you should be ready with your CASPA analysis at a moments notice.

For certain key times of year, we also provide drill-down information to expand on what you should be considering in order to use CASPA to its maximum potential.  Watch this space for up-coming articles around the end and beginning of the school years – traditionally two of the busiest times of the year in CASPA.