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CASPA 2020 is released

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The update for CASPA 2020 is now available.  This applies to Main, Classroom and Guest installations of the CASPA School Module.  CASPA LA Modules can also be updated to the latest build to take advantage of new features.

What’s in CASPA 2020?

Updating a School Module to CASPA 2020 will:

  • Enable all features for the 2019/2020 academic year
  • Roll pupil data forward to the new academic year as soon as pupil data is refreshed
  • Carry forward all summer 2019 results and 2020 targets from CASPA 2019 into the new academic year fields
  • Provide the updated comparative data which refreshes all of the benchmarks with data including summer 2019 results submitted to us last summer term
  • Enable CASPA to support target setting this term by using summer 2018 results and the updated benchmarks as your starting point

And for those of you who may have missed updates during the life of CASPA 2019, after updating to CASPA 2020, please go to Help | Contents and select ‘What’s new for 2020’ for full details of key enhancements since the earliest release of CASPA 2019.

When should you update to CASPA 2019?

Normally, we’d say “Do it now; don’t delay!” as you will want the new features, but it would be sensible to check one thing first… Have you added your summer 2019 results to CASPA 2019?

We would strongly recommend that you add these results before you update to CASPA 2020.  During the roll forward, CASPA will copy forward summer 2019 results to the new academic year tab as the starting point for this year.  This is a one-off process so if you record the summer 2019 results first, and then update to CASPA 2020, up-to-date results will be copied forward.  Whilst you’re at it, CASPA will also copy forward 2020 targets, so if you wondered where they came from in the new year’s tab, CASPA helpfully avoided the need for you to re-enter them.

If the answer is “Yes”, you’re in a great place to update immediately.

How do you update from CASPA 2019?

Firstly, make sure you have network and firewall privileges to download and install updates; if not, get your ICT technician to do it.  Use CASPA’s ‘Check for updates’ if prompted, or go to System | Check for updates if not, and follow on screen guidance.  For a short summary of what you will need to do to update CASPA, click here.

How do you update if you’re still using an older CASPA version?

Depending on how old your installation is, you may have options about how, or if, you update.  We have provided an article with a simple flowchart to take you to guidance specific to your existing installation.  Click here for this article.

Will my LA Module update to CASPA 2020?

LA modules do not update in the same way as School Modules.  Please click here for guidance.

New installations

If you need to install CASPA for the first time, are adding ‘Classroom’ or ‘Guest’ installations, or need to install the CASPA 2020 LA Module the CASPA 2020 installer has also been released. Please contact us if you need to create a new CASPA installation.