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CASPA health check

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Healthcheck2013aA feature is available in CASPA that allows you to carry out a health check on your data in CASPA.  This is useful at any time but is especially so as you lead up to key events throughout the year such as end of year reporting and exporting data.

Prior to exporting data, CASPA always carries out data integrity (database integrity) and data validation (errors in data recorded) checks.  This feature starts with these checks, and adds others too to give you a dashboard of the quality of your data.

Go to System | CASPA health check.  CASPA will run through a number of checks and will display something similar to the image below.

13-04-2016 14-03-46

What you will actually see may differ from the example above, depending upon which CASPA module you are using (eg School Module, LA Module) and what data you have recorded.  CASPA will carry out all checks that are relevant; for example, if you have not run the ‘Generate expected outcome levels’ feature, you cannot have unverified target levels and the lowest check above will not be displayed.

So why wait until you are in a rush – let CASPA check your data now so that you’re all set to go as soon as you need to.