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A year in the life of CASPA

Posted in Analysing Attainment & Progress, Managing Data

So, what does a year in the life of using CASPA look like?  Do you use CASPA once each year, twice, or at key times throughout the year?

As is often the case, there are subtle differences between schools that make a universal one-size-fits-all answer difficult to provide.  However, we can illustrate the most common activities you will be involved with during the year using a couple of slides that are designed to bring order to activities within CASPA, including data imports from external systems.

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Recording your results made easy

Posted in Managing Data

We would hope that you don’t find the job of recording your results in CASPA a difficult or time-consuming one.  We would usually expect that if you find it a chore because it takes a long time, CASPA has other options that would make it easier for you.

This article aims to highlight the various approaches to recording results in CASPA plus a few hints and tips to set you on your way.

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Do you have unverified targets?

Posted in Features, Managing Data

Not sure?  ‘Unverified’ targets are always displayed in a red font.  They will be there only if the CASPA’s feature called ‘Generate expected outcome levels’ was used to help you with your target setting, but not all steps were completed.

It is our intention that target levels are only CASPA-generated and unverified for a short period – whilst you are target setting – and that by the end of your target setting, you will have changed most levels to add challenge, or if you decided the CASPA-expected level is about right for certain pupils, that you ‘verify’ that you want to use the CASPA-generated levels as targets.

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