Resource Centre

Self-training resources

If you’re delivering your own CASPA training, you might want a little help with resources you use.  We don’t insist that we are the only ones to train users and will help where possible by sharing certain training resources we create and maintain.  For example:

  • Slide packs
  • Guidance notes
  • A training version of CASPA

Slide packs

We publish our slide packs as PDF documents.  The following are currently available – click on the slide pack title to download:

CASPA overview:  A brief introduction to CASPA

Bench-marking:  An introduction to bench-marking in CASPA

Top CASPA reports and graphs:  A summary of some of the most popular graphs and reports in CASPA.  A useful focus for training and reminder afterwards.

Guidance notes

These are all available within CASPA and key documents are also published in our Downloads section under ‘CASPA in action’.  If you are guiding users in the fine detail of a process such as importing data, use these with the user and ensure they know where to find them within CASPA’s help menu option.

Training version

We use a Training version ourselves when we train; exactly the same software that a school uses populated with dummy records to illustrate a variety of scenarios.  Where an LA/Group licence has been purchased and training is being delivered to a number of schools, this Training version can be useful to avoid issues over data sharing.

If you would like to use a copy of our Training version, please email us at [email protected]

Video Clips

We have been busy adding video clips to the CASPA website to give you bite-sized walk-throughs.  These will help users who wish to learn on their own, at their own pace (you can pause, rewind, etc) and can be a useful starting point for training on a particular topic.