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All video clips provide a rich source of support and guidance by combining screen capture of CASPA in action with key elements highlighted, plus a full audio narrative.

Our video clips are published via and are widely accessible.  If you have any difficulties viewing these clips, it is likely that you do not have permissions to download videos from websites.  In this case, please contact your IT technician to obtain necessary permissions.

  • Getting Started Part 1 - Introduction & Pupil Data

    With CASPA just installed, what do you need to know first? Adding and maintained basic pupil records against which we will later record results, targets and all sorts of other data. This clip introduces the various ways of adding pupil records to CASPA

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  • Getting Started Part 2 - The Main Data Entry Pages

    Now you have pupil records, you can add results, etc. But first, a quick tour around the main data entry pages to ensure you are familiar with the data that you will be recording and using.

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  • Getting Started Part 3 - Recording Results and Targets

    This clip introduces you to the various options for importing or manually entering results and targets, and ensures you know which guidance notes will explain how to do it step-by-step.

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  • Getting Started Part 4 - CASPA's Detailed Reporting

    As soon as you have recorded any results, you can make use of CASPA detailed reports and graphs for individual pupils or for a group of pupils. This clip introduces you to CASPA's range of detailed reporting.

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  • Getting Started Part 5 - CASPA's Summary Reporting

    CASPA provides critical reporting for the whole school and to compare the quality of progress of key groups. This clip introduces you to CASPA's summary reporting and signposts you to the wide range of support and help resources available to users.

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  • Key Stage analysis using Progression Materials

    A short video clip outlining the analysis available via the menu option 'Reports | Key Stage analysis using Progression Materials' which enables schools to report on achievement compared to Progression Material quartiles, the number of levels achieved, transition matrices and a wide range of additional Key Stage reporting.

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