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Report example: Target vs actual

Analysis of actual progress versus target progress

CASPA supports the analysis and reporting of actual progress versus target progress both for individual pupils and for cohorts of pupils. An example is given below of CASPA’s reporting of actual versus target progress for an individual pupil, showing not only how actual progress compared against target progress, but also how these two compared against the amount of progress that might have been expected in each subject for the pupil with that age, category of need and level of prior attainment, this comparative data being based on the CASPA compartive dataset derived from analysis of anonymised data submitted by schools using CASPA.

In the example below, Charlotte’s results for Reading tell us that in in 2007 she was assessed at P5.0 and was given a target of P7.0 for 2008. She achieved a result of P6.0 in 2008, falling short of her target by one level. If we continue moving along the row, this tells us that her target progress for Reading was an increase of two levels whilst her actual progress was one level; however, expected progress for a child of that age, category of need and level of prior attainment in Reading would have been 0.39 levels.

The report therefore identifies that Charlotte, whilst failing to meet her target, made better progress than might have been expected based on her age, category of need and level of prior attainment. Therefore, missing her target may indicate a target that was undly challenging, rather than being an indication of poor progress.

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