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Topic: Analysing Attainment & Progress

The Traffic Light graph… with bells and whistles

Posted in Analysing Attainment & Progress, Features

The ‘Comparison of progress vs expectations’ graph is probably in the majority of users’ top two CASPA reports and graphs.  So it is not surprising that we receive a lot of feedback on things that users would love to see added to it’s features.

These have been pretty complicated to develop, but we have enhanced this graph to include most of these in ways that we think will exceed your expectations!

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A year in the life of CASPA

Posted in Analysing Attainment & Progress, Managing Data

So, what does a year in the life of using CASPA look like?  Do you use CASPA once each year, twice, or at key times throughout the year?

As is often the case, there are subtle differences between schools that make a universal one-size-fits-all answer difficult to provide.  However, we can illustrate the most common activities you will be involved with during the year using a couple of slides that are designed to bring order to activities within CASPA, including data imports from external systems.

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