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Baseline assessment results

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Enter baseline assessment results for your new intake during the autumn term and let CASPA manage these to give you full-year analysis. A baseline assessment for a new pupil may be part-way through the year and you can always use this in CASPA to understand whether that pupil appears to be on track to meet targets.  However, to understand whether a pupil made expected progress across the whole year, you need to start with a result that reasonably represents where the pupil was at the end of the previous year. Read full article

CASPA has moved home

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CASPA has moved home!

16th August 2017

As part of a strategic review, the software development and customer facing teams of SGA Systems have now divided into two separate organisations. SGA Systems Ltd will continue create the CASPA software and RSE Insight Ltd will provide all customer facing services relating to CASPA, with both companies working closely together to support the CASPA community.

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CASPA health check

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Healthcheck2013aA feature is available in CASPA that allows you to carry out a health check on your data in CASPA.  This is useful at any time but is especially so as you lead up to key events throughout the year such as end of year reporting and exporting data.

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