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Pupil Premium reporting

Posted in Managing Data

28-08-2014 11-04-52You can record which pupil premium type(s) each pupil is eligible for and use this in your reporting.

Comparing the progress of your ‘Pupil Premium’ pupils against the rest of your pupils is quick and simple to obtain in CASPA.

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A strategic approach to setting, tracking & reviewing targets

Posted in Managing Data

21-10-2013 15-27-40Having a sophisticated target strategy doesn’t have to be super-complicated.  Perhaps sometimes the whole topic of targets can seem like a black art rather than a science?

When it comes to setting targets, it is true that setting targets requires a certain amount of judgement – but that does not mean it needs to be left to chance and we will discuss below some tactics for understanding whether targets appear to be challenging.

Ofsted states that one of the key attributes of schools which have ambition for their pupils is ‘Close tracking’.  This is characterised by a school which regularly assesses pupils’ progress towards aspirational targets throughout the year.  CASPA can help you keep a close eye on progress towards targets.

And at the end of the year, do you:

  1. Analyse pupils’ success in meeting the targets you set for them?
  2. Review how good your target setting was last time round so that you improve next time?

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