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Do you have unverified targets?

Posted in Features, Managing Data

Not sure?  ‘Unverified’ targets are always displayed in a red font.  They will be there only if the CASPA’s feature called ‘Generate expected outcome levels’ was used to help you with your target setting, but not all steps were completed.

It is our intention that target levels are only CASPA-generated and unverified for a short period – whilst you are target setting – and that by the end of your target setting, you will have changed most levels to add challenge, or if you decided the CASPA-expected level is about right for certain pupils, that you ‘verify’ that you want to use the CASPA-generated levels as targets.

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Continual assessment and reviewing targets

Posted in Analysing Attainment & Progress, Managing Data

Extract more value from your termly assessments – CASPA provides you with intelligence to monitor pupils’ progress towards targets.

You probably recorded your targets in CASPA last term and, if you assess termly, you have a fresh set of assessment results from the end of the autumn term. The moment updated results are recorded in CASPA, analysis is available at your finger tips, allowing you to make decisions at key times of the year about whether pupils need more support to achieve targets or whether targets need to be reviewed.

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