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Benchmark data in CASPA

CASPA’s unique strength lies in its comparative data set, based on analysis of data submitted by users of CASPA. When considering the progress of individual pupils, cohorts within a school or at the whole school level, CASPA’s comparative data provides a benchmark against which progress can be compared.

CASPA is delivered complete with a set of comparative data and this comparative data is updated once per year to take account of data submitted for that year. Benchmarking against CASPA’s comparative data set enables schools to compare outcomes for their own pupils against outcomes from a broad range of schools across the country.

The comparative data is updated annually: data is collected at the end of each summer term, analysed over the summer holidays and an updated comparative data set released in the autumn term. The data is based on the analysis of submitted assessment results for the three most recent years; in this way, CASPA’s comparative data set reflects both current teaching practice and year-on-year improvements in overall outcomes.

Who is using CASPA?

More than 80% of the Local Authorities in England have already licensed CASPA, from rural shire counties to inner city authorities. CASPA has also been licensed by a rapidly growing number of groups of independent schools as well as individual independent and non-maintained schools.

If you would like to find out which authorities in your locality are using CASPA or would like further information regarding CASPA’s comparative data set, please contact us.