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LA Module

Supporting local authorities / groups of schools

Where a Local Authority licence is purchased, CASPA is delivered as two modules: the School Module and the LA Module. The LA Module is equally applicable to a group of independent schools as to a Local Authority. Its goal is to aggregate data from the member schools to enable central analysis and to export data for inclusion in comparative data set updates.

The school module

Much of this website focuses on the School Module which is designed to be installed and used in each school. The School Module is also designed to be able to interface to the LA Module in order that it can provide data to the LA Module.

The LA module

The Local Authority module of CASPA replicates all of the reporting and analysis functionality of the school module, but allows all analysis and reporting to be run at scopes wider than an individual school, right up to authority-wide. The LA module can therefore report for cohorts based on a single school, selected schools, or all schools.

In addition, the LA Module has an export option to provide anonymised data to us. This enables the transfer of de-personalised data for inclusion in the annual analysis of school data to provide updated comparative data.

For further information about how the two modules interact, please click here.